Golang Nigeria Meetup: Next weekend will be awesome!!!

Anthony Alaribe
3 min readSep 15, 2018


Hello Gopher,

It’s funny how time flies. I’m sure all I did was blink, and it’s already 7 days to the next meetup

. As terrified as I am, I still can’t wait. We have really awesome talks lined up which I can’t wait to learn from. Just to pique your interests, here are some:

- Better Tools with Go AST and Code Generation By Alex Ewetumo [Who doesn’t like code generation? It’s our right as programmers to be lazy


- If Go Config(Building a Simple Configurations Manager With Go and Google sheets) by David Ogbiko [I’m drooling for this one. Imagine if you could start and stop services or change behaviors of live running services by simply toggling them in google sheets?

Speak to me, lord of laziness]

- Testing and Mocking with GoMock by Wale Martins [I have to tell you, the amount of laziness in store for us is lazifying.

Like you won’t even need to write those mock interfaces to test with anymore. I’m shivering already. Someone massage my head

♀️ (Or brain


- Learning Go’s Concurrency Through Illustrations by someone secret

[I took a sneak peak at the slides. And this is what happened: 🤯<mindblown>. So many illustrations and fluffy gophers it just had to be cheating]

So this weekend, I intend for us to spend a lot more time discussing and sharing our fears and challenges as gophers, so the talks will be short, and the emphasis will be on you. So feel free to come with questions (I’ll be happy if you email me some of the things you will like us to talk about on Saturday.)

The wind whispered something about someone taking care of refreshments (Thank you Wale and thank you Brume[She actually reached out]).

By the way, after this meetup, I’m considering the meetups should be spaced out a bit more(like every 2 months?). What do you think? My inbox is always open.

Like I mentioned last week, I’m hoping we have more people assist in running these meetups (Things like managing newsletters, planning events, finding speakers, etc )

Another subtle note: We will be working with Opera (the Opay team) to organize a hackaton/codejam in October (Just a few weeks away). It will be about all things Golang and Kotlin (I’m so excited 💃)

Please I’m stopping here. I swear I didn’t plan to make this email so long. Forgive me?

Have a great weekend.


Anthony Alaribe



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