Experiences building an embedded geospatial cache for point in polygon queries.

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Disclaimer: This article is my experience and opinions and not that of my employer :)

At work, we have a service which holds polygons for countries, cities and even neighbourhoods we operate in, and it is the job of this service, to return the underlying city/country and other internal data like translations and some business data, given a coordinate.

We solved this problem the tried and tested way of indexing the polygons in a postgres server with the very powerful postGIS plugin. And this served us very well. Provided…

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On the Island of the affluent in Lagos, I rarely hear aircraft buzzing in the sky, except the posh helicopters of the busy rich. The airport and flight noise don’t affect the airspace, it only devalues the land.

The rich pretend to pray, but God is on the Mainland, land on the island is too expensive to build many worship centers.

The Island was not built for Beer. It is the hub of champagne, spirits, and wines. Beer is for the road, an appetizer bottled on the Mainland.

The Mainland is crowded with families. Life on the island has no…

Hello Gopher,

It’s funny how time flies. I’m sure all I did was blink, and it’s already 7 days to the next meetup

. As terrified as I am, I still can’t wait. We have really awesome talks lined up which I can’t wait to learn from. Just to pique your interests, here are some:

- Better Tools with Go AST and Code Generation By Alex Ewetumo [Who doesn’t like code generation? It’s our right as programmers to be lazy

Configuration Everywhere

In my previous article, we explored an overall architecture that could be used for any web application, and we went ahead to build a static JSON api for a todo app. In this article we will go through an important part of every web application.

In most applications, there is usually a need to pass around shared resources. These resources could be configurations, database connections, etc.

It is easy to go into a lot of sweet talking, but instead i will show you how i do it in code.

Image result for rest api meme

There is a myth that API’s written in golang cannot be simple and idiomatic, like in other languages. Actually, I’ve come across a lot of REST API codebases that turned into a complicated mess with so many abstractions with ended up hurting both readability and maintainability.

With this series, we will walk through how to build a production grade todo list rest api, which will grow organically, starting with the necessities, like code structure and routing, then going on to add a both a mongo db and a badger data storage layer, and then an authentication layer.

We will be…

I was literally burnt out by the first week of January. It’s funny how all your energy and motivation disappears when you get burnt out. You go from spending night and day on a project, to not even caring about anything anymore.

Now I look back and wonder. Maybe life was meant to be simple. Maybe nothing really matters in life. Maybe it’s all a gamble which we have no control over?

I think I’ll learn to pay myself more. Explore, reflect and connect, like I used to. Maybe with nature, or people, or history. Maybe less with computers.

Maybe I’ll give myself a chance to be simple.

I grew up as part of the fad that all web applications must be built on proper architecture, usually involving a well tested and stable sql database like postgres, or in some stretch cases a nosql database like mongodb. The reasons were simple:

  • They can be scaled and scaled and scaled. Very important when your application gets it’s first one billion users overnight.
  • SQL is the best way to access your data. And you always need a complicated message layer to access that data.
  • If you don’t use sql, how will you perform joins? How will you build in complicated…

According to a post by the awesome software engineer Prosper Otemuyiwa; “the gods must be crazy”. In 2018, some very passive goals I made, came to pass.

I had so many firsts. I explored , I made friends, I built things, I lost friends, People saw me differently than i saw my self, and I’m sincerely grateful for 2017. So many things happened which i don’t deserve.

The year started with an ambitious project. I had just completed an MVP for shop440.com , a project that was supposed to take Africa to the level of China, by enabling africans turn…

Why is there so much hatred and anger towards Nigerian developers? I’m probably biased as a developer myself, but the developers don’t have it easy. Its easy to say they should just not accept jobs that pay less than they think they are worth, but Nigeria is hard. And there is hunger out there. Not counting a few developers like the Andela devs and those working with a handful other companies out there that pay well, developers can’t really afford to be picky.

Growing up, I can count the crazy projects I and my partner then, built just to survive…

While studying with a friend, Irhose, I got caught up in a trail of discussions. We were trying to demystify the fact that sometimes we could find ourselves thinking or dreaming about a person or thing, and then in the course of the day, we’d usually end up seeing the person or thing physically, or getting a call or message from the person.

Most of us have had these experiences; we think about a person and somehow bump into the person that same day, or something. While trying to analyse these situations, we came up with a hypothesis:

When we…

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I help solve business challenges using technology. Golang and Web optimisation (PWA, service workers, progressive enhancement)

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